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Customer Comments:

“Congratulations, Mecca, on receiving “Best of Show” in the Augustana Art Show. So happy for you that your God-given talent has received worthy acclaim!” Wayne, B. California

“She loves it of course. You made me look like a hero once again!”-Ryan O. Sioux Falls, SD

“We are just staring at these incredibly beautiful flowers and asking ourselves ‘how does she do that?’!? Thank you for sharing your gift with us!” – Katie O. Sioux Falls, SD

“Hi friend! I’ve been wanting to write for 2 days now to thank you for the beauty adorning my bedroom wall. I love it so much! I love it all from the nondescript background to the dainty doily, to the teeny little bud, and the most beautiful green leaves. I feel like I can just reach out and touch them and smell their sweet scent’ You have such a gift…I will enjoy it forever!”

“I’ve already been showing it off!” 🙂

“I will treasure it forever. Your translated beauty of God’s great beauty has been such a blessing in our home!”

“You do have such an amazing and beautiful talent. Many comment on your breath taking display in our living room.” 🙂

“It was so nice to meet you and your sweet family on Saturday! We are loving Winter Shepherd. It is just perfect for our house! Keep in touch and I look forward to seeing what you create next! -Nebraska

“K.O. on learning Winter Shepherd had sold: I am elated for you on your recent discovery by the Coffea patron!!! You do have such an amazing and beautiful talent…I’m a little sad W…S (Winter Shepherd) is going away. I’m so glad to hear it’s going to someone who appreciates and loves your work! What a blessing they will have for their home.”

Social Media Responses

“We love and enjoy two of Mecca Fine Art originals in our home. The winter scene is a picture my husband and I saw in a local Sioux Falls Coffee Shop. Knew we wanted to purchase to remember our time in SD. (Alabama girl). The work was exquisite.

On our departure of SD, we commissioned her to paint the bridge at Yankton Park trail. My husband and I walked that path every week when weather permitted.

They are reminders of a beautiful place and time in our lives with lovely people. Thank you Mecca for gracing our home with your extraordinary talent.” –Royce Moorman Layne

“I am in awe. Such beautiful paintings!!” –Brook Van Zee

“Wow these are amazingly beautiful!! Love the color and all the layers!!” –Kimi Rutherford-Javier

“Oh Gosh they are gorgeous!!” –Christy Cox

“So peaceful, I could get lost just looking at it.” –Katherine Conaughty Reed

“Girl! Oh how I WISH I would’ve known your talent when we lived close to each other…I would’ve looooved to watch you create such beauty in person. Is there a video of this one’s creation?!” –Tina Brown

“Woah… this is A-MA-ZING!!!” –Elie Castonguay

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING” –Tonya Wuellner Lasky

“Absolutely Stunning!” –Peggy Wuellner

“So so beautiful!!” –Jill Wakefield Wuellner

“This is a stunning piece – and even more beautiful in person!” –Heidi Terveen

“Your work is outstanding, MECCA! You have such a gift!” -Lisa Nehring

“This is amazing! Your talent astounds me with every single piece.” –Maura Campbell

“Love how you create depth.” -Elsie Alegre

“LOVE the texture on the canvas before any paint is applied.” –Deb Vanden Brink

“Amazing all the different steps and it comes out beautiful!!” –Kaya Hall